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National Library of Wales

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A view of the National Library of Wales

The National Library of Wales collects and preserves material relating to Wales and the other Celtic nations.

The National Library plays an important role in the cultural and educational life of Wales. It is one of six legal deposit libraries within the United Kingdom and Ireland, and is located in Aberystwyth.

The National Library’s main functions are to:

  • collect and preserve the intellectual record of Wales, including books, maps and artworks
  • give access to this information and knowledge to a wide variety of people.

Typical users of the National Library’s services include:

  • researchers
  • students
  • businesses
  • family and local historians.

You can find out more about the National Library, including the services that it provides and the collections that it cares for, by visiting the National Library’s website (external link).


The National Library of Wales was founded by Royal Charter in 1907, and is a registered charity and a Welsh Government Sponsored Body. The Minister for Culture, Tourism and Sport issues a remit letter to National Library every year. The sets out the National Library's role in relation to our strategic agenda, including details of the priorities and outputs expected during the year, and how much funding will be provided by the Welsh Government to support these activities.

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