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Visitor attraction quality assurance service Cymru (VAQAS) for museums

VAQAS is a scheme which ensures high quality experiences at tourist attractions.

VAQAS is Visit Wales’ quality assurance scheme for tourist attractions. The scheme offers a visitor focused quality assessment helping to identify strengths and highlight developmental areas. It does not grade attractions but assesses each on its own merits.

VAQAS for museums

In a recent survey, nearly 1 in 10 people stated that a visit to a museum was the sole or a principle reason for their trip to Wales. Over a quarter of visitors on a trip to Wales also planned to visit a museum. We must ensure that every visitor’s experience of museums makes them want to return and to recommend them to others.

VAQAS builds on the visitor and user standards already reached for Museum Accreditation. A VAQAS assessment provides museums with an independent assessment from a visitor’s perspective. Participation in both schemes will help museums build even better experiences for visitors to Wales and museum visitors from our local communities.

How the scheme works

Museum VAQAS Cymru is only available to fully Accredited museums. We cover the cost for all fully Accredited local museums in Wales to participate. Museums will be visited every 2 years, and a full report of the visit will be supplied.