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Kids in Museums

Around 46 organisations took part and almost 1000 young people were involved in this years event on Thursday 10 November.

Children and young people worked alongside staff and volunteers, to run our museums, archives and heritage sites. 

The ‘take over’ included:

  • front of house staff and tour guides
  • exhibition designers
  • digitising photographs and artefacts
  • cataloguing collections and researching information for visitors
  • museum officers and archaeologists. 
Kids in Museums is an independent charity dedicated to making museums and other cultural organisations open and welcoming to all, in particular those who haven’t visited before. Further Takeover Day events are planned to take place before the end of March 2017. 

They are a key partner helping us delivering, Fusion, which is driving up opportunities for people from less well-off communities and backgrounds to participate in and benefit from culture, heritage and the arts.

Kids in Museums has been supported in Wales since 2012 by Welsh Government funding through the Museums, Archives and Libraries Division.

Further information about Takeover Day, including a participating venues map, can be found at Kids in Museums (external link).
Kids in Museums