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Museum Accreditation

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The Museum Accreditation Scheme is the UK industry standard for museums and galleries.

The Museum Accreditation Scheme makes sure that museums manage their collections properly, engage with visitors, and are governed appropriately. The scheme works for museums of all sizes: from the smallest volunteer-run museums to national museums. Museum Accreditation is a voluntary scheme, and over 90 museums in Wales take part.

We manage the scheme for Wales in partnership with Arts Council England (external link). We’ll assess your application according to your museum’s size and type, and we’ll give you clear guidance on what you need to give us to do that.

What is the purpose of Museum Accreditation

Museum Accreditation encourages all museums and galleries to meet an agreed standard in:
  • how they’re run
  • how they manage their collections
  • how they engage with their users.

Accreditation Standard 2018

Arts Council England has published a new version of the Museum Accreditation standard in November 2018. Full guidance will be available by the end of 2018 as a single document covering all three sections of the Standard: organisational health, managing collections, and users and their experiences.

You can find guidance for the previous version of the Accreditation Standard on the Arts Council England website.