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Capital development grants for museums, archives and libraries

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We want to build a Wales that is healthy and active, prosperous and secure, ambitious and learning, and united and connected.
This Act is about improving the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales.
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Grants to support the transformation of service delivery to offer sustainable, modern, and attractive facilities and services in museums, archives and libraries across Wales.

Our local museums, archives and libraries provide crucial services and support for communities across Wales. This scheme builds on the strategic aims of Taking Wales Forward and the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act, and will enable successful organisations to transform services to:

  • develop a more sustainable model of service delivery
  • enhance services to people and their communities
  • improve collections development, care or access
  • address strategic priorities and outcomes
  • maintain and develop the quality of services.


We welcome applications for two levels of grants:
  • band A - grants of up to £120,000 to improve the internal and external appearance and environment, quality of collections care, visitor experience and improve long term sustainability.
  • band B - grants of up to £300,000 for larger strategic projects.
We will not normally support projects where the funding requirement is below £50,000.

For full details please see the Expression of Interest Criteria.


The 2019/20 grants scheme will operate as a two-stage process:
  • stage 1: an open call to the sector to provide an Expression of Interest (EOI). The deadline for submissions is 28 September 2018. 
  • stage 2: successful applicants will be asked to develop and submit a full application. The deadline for stage 2 submissions is 1 February 2019.
Both stages will be competitive, and subject to confirmation of Welsh Government budgets. A successful EOI does not guarantee funding at stage 2.


If you would like advice regarding your prospective grant application, please contact us on 0300 062 2112 or