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Heritage services review

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Ken Skates, Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure
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Baroness Randerson’s review

Last year Baroness Jennifer Randerson led a task and finish group to review heritage services in Wales. Four options were identified:

  1. improve commercial skills and joint working of national heritage organisations
  2. creation of a new charity
  3. creation of a new Executive Agency
  4. merger of existing national heritage organisations.

These options were evaluated in a feasibility report, ‘Investing in the future to protect the past’.

Last September, the Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure appointed a steering group to consider the 4 options for the creation of 'Historic Wales'.
The group has submitted its recommendations to the Cabinet Secretary in the report: 'Historic Wales - A roadmap towards Success, Resilience and Sustainability for the Heritage of Wales' in February 2017. The Cabinet Secretary has welcomed the steering group recommendations subject to a number of caveats set out in the response letter.
‘Historic Wales - a roadmap towards success, resilience and sustainability for the Heritage of Wales' included a recommendation to develop an options appraisal for the future of Cadw. The appraisal, ‘Historic Wales – Cadw work stream: business case for change’ concluded that Cadw should remain in government.