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Information and Communication Technology

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The ICT sector is a driving force in both economic development and wider social change.

It encourages productivity and competiveness across the economy.

The ICT sector in Wales is global and dynamic with the country well positioned to design, develop and commercialise leading edge technologies.  It includes a wide range of companies from bluechip corporates through to innovative Small and Medium Enterprises across:

  • IT services
  • software
  • telecommunications
  • electronics.

Our commitment

We believe that a strong ICT sector is critical to Wales. We’re committed to supporting the growth of the sector through continuing to:

  • support Welsh businesses
  • work closely with academia
  • create a world-class infrastructure
  • attract top class companies.

ICT can enable increased trade and globalisation creating a ‘flatter’ world with more competition and more opportunities for Welsh businesses. It also plays a pivotal role in:

  • helping us meet the challenges of climate change
  • the creation of smart grids
  • delivering key policy interventions in areas such as social inclusion and public service delivery.

Key priorities 

We're working with the sector panel to develop and implement a strategy and action plan for the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector in Wales. Closely aligned with the aims and objectives of Delivering a Digital Wales, the strategy’s focus will be to grow the sector and increase the take up of ICT across all sectors in Wales.

Aim of the strategy

The strategy will respond to and meet the challenges of the key drivers for the sector, such as data security; anytime / anywhere / any device mobility; interoperability between IT products and services and, legislation policy and regulation.
Key barriers and enablers for the sector
The strategy will also take into account the key barriers and enablers for the sector, in particular:
  • infrastructure - Next Generation Broadband (NGB), data centres, Public Sector Broadband Aggregation (PSBA), Fibrespeed
  • skills - meeting employer needs, Sector Skills Councils, education and training
  • supply chain - building capacity, maximising opportunities
  • regulations - industry standards and accreditation
  • finance - access to funding sources, investment, procurement
  • research and development - innovation, commercialisation, business and academia

Sector panel priorities

The Panel priorities are to:
Establish a baseline
  • develop a full picture of the ICT Sector in Wales and its relative strengths and weaknesses in a UK and Global context.
  • develop a full picture of the take up of ICT by businesses in Wales and compare with take up in the rest of the UK and key markets overseas.
Identify and influence policy levers
  • identify those public sector delivery mechanisms where Wales has devolved powers. This aims to increase Welsh based ICT companies’ ability to meet the demand of the sector.
  • identify and influence the Welsh Government policy levers that can help stimulate the ICT Sector in Wales e.g. procurement, Research and Development grant aid, skills development.
Anticipate the future
  • horizon scanning / intelligence gathering.
  • liaising with major vendors in the sector to understand their growth plans and growth areas of interest.
listen to businesses in the sector.

We offer a range of support for the sector. To find out more visit the Information and Communication Technology sector (external link).

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