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Opening by Ken Skates

What exactly does the Welsh Government do?

It’s difficult to estimate how many times I have been asked that question. How many times any serving minister of any government has been asked the same.

When you consider the vast reaches of a government’s work, it is never an easy question to answer.

There are occasions, however, when all effort it takes to run a country, day in, day out and behind the scenes, can take centre stage. This is one of them.

I was delighted to kick off a whole week of jobs announcements with 256 new posts in four large companies, closely followed by news of inward investments, expansions, employment safeguarding and the creation of new jobs across the country.

The Welsh economy has undergone incredible advances in recent years with close to a record number of people in work and our employment rate increasing more than the UK average over the last 12 months. We are working hard to continue this momentum and to safeguard and attract quality jobs to communities right across Wales.  

This newsletter isn’t about us vying for your adulation. It stands as an indication of, and a tribute to, the hard work carried out on a daily basis by Welsh Government to support businesses, help them relocate to Wales or retain and expand their operations here. This isn’t about lining the pockets of big organisations. We’re here for businesses of all sizes, supporting every person they employ.

Together, we will continue to work towards a more prosperous and secure Wales.