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Tata Task Force

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Ken Skates, Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure
Ken Skates, Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure
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The Task Force was established earlier in the year to oversee practical solutions to support the employees and lessen the impact of the announcement of redundancies across Tata sites in Wales.

The Task Force representatives include trade unions, local authorities, the business sector, education, health, Careers Wales and other bodies that provide careers and job advice The Task Force is overseeing the work of four work streams

  1. training and skills
  2. business support and supply chains
  3. health and
  4. procurement.

The Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure, Ken Skates, chaired the sixth meeting of the Tata Steel Task Force on 4 August. He made a statement on August 8 to update on this meeting of the Tata Steel Task Force.

Public procurement of steel 

The procurement work stream commissioned a report into the future Welsh public sector steel requirements. It considers how procurement may be used to support the steel sector. 

It examines future steel requirements within the Wales Infrastructure Investment Plan and considers the capacity of the Welsh and UK steel sectors to meet this demand.

Health work stream

The Health work stream produced a leaflet providing advice and guidance for the workers and families of those impacted by redundancy and uncertainty as a result of the changes at Tata.