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Advanced materials and manufacturing

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We have a diverse and expansive manufacturing base here in Wales.

In Wales manufacturing has a long tradition and will provide a key component to delivering a balanced economy.

In recent years the advanced materials and manufacturing sector has become considerably focused on adding value to products and services. Manufacturers are not just competing on cost but provide value by delivering products and services through excellent innovation and processes.

Our base in Wales has capability in the following sub-sectors:

  • aerospace and defence
  • automotive technologies
  • high value manufacturing
  • foundation industries.

Key priorities 

We're working with the sector panel to develop and implement a strategy and action plan for the Advanced Materials and Manufacturing sector in Wales.


A clear set of objectives have now been agreed by the sector panel, they are:
  • embracing the Manufacturing Forum’s strategy for Wales and creating a shared vision
  • understanding the current state
  • designing the future state
  • creating timescales for growth over the short, medium and long term
  • conducting gap analysis to inform decision-making.


The strategy will target 5 key priorities:
  • globalisation – increasing trade, export and inward investment opportunities from existing and emerging markets
  • innovation and Technology – encouraging and supporting Research and Development in innovative products and processes to increase and embed 'intellectual capital' in Wales
  • employment – ‘future proofing’ education, skills, training and leadership to meet the demands of the 21st century manufacturing workplace
  • finance for growth – syndicating risk-sharing financial packages through a combination of public and private sector funding mechanisms
  • building Capacity - targeting investment in strategic infrastructure and broad-access initiatives that together create a sustainable business environment.

Advanced materials

Advanced materials is an important part of the sector. It covers the composition, structure and properties of materials and their specific application at the forefront of technological innovation.

In the future high value products will focus on taking advantage of new materials such as composites, nanotechnology, optoelectronics, printable electronics and silicon electronics.

Further information on support for the sector can be found on Business Wales (external link).

Industry Wales

The sector in Wales is also supported by Industry Wales (external link), a pan Wales company geared to assist Welsh technology and manufacturing companies to prosper, grow globally and create jobs.

Industry Wales will bring together various initiatives to ensure they provide maximum benefit to Welsh businesses in 4 key areas:
  • innovation
  • investment
  • skills
  • supply chain.

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