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Access to finance

The Minister for Economy, Science and Transport commissioned an independent review which was led by Professor Dylan Jones-Evans, of the University of the West of England.

The review examined how effectively Welsh businesses can access existing sources of funding and to identify areas of particular challenge providing recommendations.

The 1st part of the review has now been completed and focussed on the efficacy of the high street banks in providing the finance needed by Welsh businesses, SMEs in particular.

The 2nd part of the review looked at alternative sources of finance for Welsh businesses and SMEs in particular.

A draft report (Stage 2) was presented to the Minister at the end of 2013.

The business community, SMEs, investors, financial institutions, intermediaries and member bodies were invited to come forward with their views to help drive change in this vital area.

105 responses were received from a wide range of stakeholders. Aside from 2 respondents who refused permission for their responses to be published, these responses are published in full, online. There were also a small number of respondents whom we were unable to make contact with. Their responses have been anonymised.

Following Professor Jones-Evans' second stage review of access to finance in Wales a further, detailed analysis was carried out of the interest rates charged by Finance Wales across a range of funds.

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Finance Review - Interest Rate review - Annex Access To Finance Review - Stage 1 Report (File size: 475KB)

Access To Finance Review - Stage 2 Report (File Size: 838KB)

 Access To Finance Review - Stage 2 Executive summary (File size: 88KB)

 Summary of consultation responses (File size: 80KB)

List of Consultees (File size: 25KB)

 Consultation responses (File size: 9MB)

Finance Review - Interest Rate review (File size: 760KB)