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Review of Dee Region Cross-Border Economy - Next Steps

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Independent review on how to strengthen cross- border relationships in the Dee region, the role of the Mersey Dee Alliance and potential economic benefits.

In October 2012, Dr Elizabeth Haywood was asked by the Minister for Economy, Science and Transport to look at ways in which cross-border relationships can be strengthened; the role of the Mersey Dee Alliance; and the potential for economic benefits for the region.


  • To become a real strategic force in the region, the Mersey Dee Alliance (MDA) will need to be given relevant powers and funding.  It will also need to change its structure, to incorporate strong private and education (HE/FE) sector membership.
  • The MDA should have the authority to develop a cross-border labour market plan, and to develop and deliver a regional skills agenda.
  • The MDA should take the lead in promoting the region for investment purposes, making a virtue of its cross-border nature and rejecting the existing tendency to focus marketing on one side of the border or the other.
  • There should be an Memorandum of Understanding between the Welsh Government and UK Government covering cross-border transport planning (binding on independent bodies such as Network Rail), with the MDA, or Taith and the Cheshire Local Transport Partnership, having a statutory role to be heard on proposals of regional significance.