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Assisted Areas map

Assisted Areas are geographical locations where the government can offer additional financial support, typically to businesses, under European Commission state aid rules.

Following a two-stage public consultation, the Assisted Areas map for 2014-20 has been published and comes into effect from 1 July 2014.

You can find the new Assisted Areas map at Gov.UK (external link). It is an interactive map and features a postcode and place search tool so that you can check which locations are in Assisted Areas.

Information about Assisted Areas, including the new aid rates, can be found at Gov.UK (external link).

The new European Union rules introduce some changes for how support can be offered to businesses. Here are the main changes as they relate to Wales:

  • maximum aid levels have reduced by 5% in the West Wales and the Valleys region (the category 'a' area on the map. This is also known as a 'Tier 1' area
  • for the East Wales region (the category 'c' areas on the map. These are also known as 'Tier 2' areas), aid to large enterprises (those with over 250 employees) is more limited
  • for East Wales, aid can only be offered for new investment or activity in an area, for a new product (diversification)
  • additional information and analysis of projects will be required in respect of enterprises seeking support.
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