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Council for Economic Development

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The Council for Economic Development, formerly known as the Council for Economic Renewal, provides advice to help inform economic and business policies in Wales.


Under the Government of Wales Act 1998 we have a statutory duty  to consult with businesses where the exercise of its functions impact on them. This duty to consult was strengthened by the Government of Wales Act 2006, which required Welsh Ministers to make a Business Scheme (external link) setting out how they proposed to consult with business. 

Council Membership

The Council for Economic Development is made up of a range of business, social enterprise and trade union representatives. It is chaired by the First Minister.

In agreement with the Council we have retained a flexible approach to membership that enables the Council to draw from the widest and best range of knowledge and experience.


The Council for Economic Development meet 3 times a year.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Council for Economic Development please email:

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