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Creating a sustainable economy

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Our strategic direction for Energy Efficiency over the next 10 years and beyond.
Tree showing symbols including recycling and water drips
By encouraging a sustainable economy we promote the economic, social and environmental wellbeing and enhance people’s quality of life in Wales.

We want to nurture and develop opportunities as well as looking at how the economy can develop without conflicting with the needs of the environment and society.

As a country we are well placed to take advantage of the many economic opportunities offered by the green economy in terms of energy, technology, research and development.

Sustainable economic growth is about defining the long term development of our nation. It means:

  • healthy, productive people
  • vibrant, inclusive communities
  • a diverse and resilient environment 
  • an advanced and innovative economy.

In our Programme for Government the key action for Growth and Sustainable Jobs is to:

“Strengthen the conditions that will enable business to create jobs and sustainable economic growth”.

We are supporting sectors and businesses on a transition to becoming low carbon and resource efficient. We are taking a green growth approach to deliver the long term growth of the whole of the economy, and not just for the energy and environment sector, working with the Climate Change Commissioner for Wales and the Council for Economic Renewal.
In addition to our work supporting business development across sectors and business areas as demonstrated on the business and economy pages, we are also working with partners in the following sectors:

  • private
  • public
  • social.