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About this topic

Our vision is for a strong economy that will enable businesses to create jobs and continue economic growth.


The main influences on the Welsh economy in the short to medium term are the state of the global economy and the monetary and fiscal policy set by the UK Government. These are not issues solely for the Welsh Government and will require the business community, our social partners and other delivery bodies to work together.

Aims and commitments

Jobs and the economy are our over-riding priorities. Our Programme for Government commitments include investing in infrastructure, innovation and improving the business environment. Some of the ways we will achieve this are:

  • Build on the relationship the Welsh Government has with the business community and our social partners to create the flexible framework and conditions needed for companies and businesses to thrive and grow.
  • Support high performing, quality companies in all those parts of the economy which can create employment, wealth and a sustainable Wales.
  • Expect any business seeking Welsh Government support, including public procurement contracts, to sign up to our principles of corporate social responsibility, with a commitment to sustainable development, training and good employment practice.
  • Build strong links with our anchor companies and develop strategic, mutually, supportive/beneficial relationships with these key companies, embedding them in the Welsh economy through developing close links with our further and higher educational institutions and maximising supply chain opportunities.
  • Review what entrepreneurial support is needed by small firms with real potential to thrive and grow, and how we can embed an entrepreneurial culture in Wales.
  • Ensure that the mutual and cooperative sector has access to appropriate and robust business advice and that the Ministerial lead will be in the Economy Department.


The Deputy Permanent Secretary with responsibility for this department is James Price. Our staff are mainly located in Cardiff and Treforest, but are also based in other locations across Wales including Llandudno and Swansea.