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What do you need to do?

Symptoms and self-isolating 

If you develop at least 1 coronavirus symptom:

  • a new continuous cough
  • high temperature
  • loss or change in smell or taste

you and members of your household should self-isolate immediately.

Take a test

Take a test within the first 5 days of developing symptoms, when the test is most effective. Apply for a test online or call 119. Don’t wait for your test result before self-isolating.

If your test is negative you no longer need to self-isolate. If the test is positive, you will need to continue to self-isolate for 10 days. Everyone in your house will also need to self-isolate for 10 days.

Help contact tracers

If you test positive you’ll be contacted by a contact tracer.

You’ll be asked to let us know who you’ve been in contact with and where you’ve been up to 14 days before your symptoms started. A contact is someone you’ve been within 1 metre of for 1 minute or longer, or within 2 metres of for 15 minutes or longer.

A contact tracer will get in touch with anyone you haven’t already contacted. Your identity will not be given unless you give permission. They will be advised to self-isolate for 10 days from their last contact with you. Members of their household will not be asked to self-isolate, but should keep social distancing where possible and avoid contact with the person isolating at home. 

Your contact will be advised to book a test when they start self-isolating, and again on day 8. If the tests are negative, they will still need to self-isolate for the full 10 day period.

Contact tracers will usually call you from 02921 961133 or their number may be withheld. They will never ask you for any financial information, bank details, or passwords. 

It’s important you speak to them so we can stop coronavirus spreading.

Support if you need to self-isolate

If you need support during your self-isolation period, the contact tracer will refer you to your Local Authority who can help. You may be eligible for a £500 payment to help with any loss of earnings if you can’t work from home. Find information about the financial support that’s available.

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