Martin Mansfield

General Secretary, Wales TUC

Martin Mansfield was appointed as Wales TUC General Secretary in August 2008.

Martin plays a leading role in the economic social partnership structures in Wales including as the trade union lead on the Social Partners Strategy Group and Council for Economic Development. He is member of the Wales Employment & Skills Board, the European Union Advisory Group and the Ministerial Taskforce on the Valleys. He is the Wales TUC lead on the public services Workforce Partnership Council and its Executive Group. He participated in a number of Welsh government boards including NHS workforce review, tax advisory group, youth employment, government procurement and economic policy.

For over 20 years before becoming Wales TUC General Secretary Martin was a full time trade union official covering a wide range of industries including advanced manufacturing and health services. In 2003-2005 he served as economic development special advisor to Wales’ First Minister Rhodri Morgan and his Cabinet.