Fiona Jones

Group Director Wales UC Operations, Employers & Partnerships

Appointed HMRC Area Director in 2000, setting up two Area Management schemes, delivering extensive organisational change. Moved to Head Office in 2004, first to the Budget and Finance Bill Team followed by the Customer Insight Team, working on customer strategy.

In 2006, seconded to IBM as a Senior Management Consultant in their global public sector service, working on projects in Taunton Deane Borough Council, Copenhagen, and returning to Wales to work in DVLA.

Promoted to Senior Civil Service in 2008 to lead the development of a Taxpayer Charter - co-ordinating the largest consultation undertaken by HMRC, and launched ‘Your Charter’ in November 2009. As a direct result, was invited to Ethiopia to provide expertise to enable the development of a modern, Ethiopian Taxpayer Charter, which aimed to be the best in Africa.

Following the July 2011 Treasury Select Committee Report recommendations, led the Joint Initiative on Service Delivery - a high-profile project reporting directly to HMRC’s Chairman - to restore stakeholder confidence and improve engagement.

In 2012, moved to Civil Service Learning to set up the Operational Delivery Profession, developing a full CPD offer and a suite of qualifications, and recruiting in 200 apprentices to become the Surge and Rapid Response Team - the first cross-government team who work across boundaries to respond to work peaks and crises across government.

Joined DWP in 2015 and appointed Director for Universal Credit Operations Wales – leading the implementation of Universal Credit in Wales through the 59 job centres, 2 service centres and circa 2500 staff who work here. Also lead the National Employer and Partnership Team, building UK - wide relationships with large employers, trade bodies and partners and provide advice on the labour market, recruitment and redundancy support.