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How to tag content and organise topics on GOV.WALES.

First published:
27 February 2020
Last updated:


We use topics to group content on GOV.WALES. When you create content, you must tag it to topics that the content is about. It will then show on the selected topic pages.

Content should usually be displayed on the topic page. If you do not want content to show in a topic discuss this with the Corporate Digital Team. You should still select a topic so that the content is easier to find, for example when using search filters. 

You can tag content to more than one topic. For example, Improving air quality on roads is part of Air pollution and Trunk roads and motorways. Select all topics that are closely related to your content.

Request a new or amended topic

If you think that you need a new topic for your content, contact the Corporate Digital Team.

You'll need to let us know:

  • why you think GOV.WALES needs a new topic
  • examples of content to tag to the new topic
  • where the new topic will sit in the topic structure

If you want to make changes to a topic, for example moving or renaming it, contact us.

You will need to let us know why you want to make the change and how it will improve the user experience.

Changing the order of content in sub-topics

  1. Select Manage.
  2. Select Structure.
  3. Select Order sub-topic node listing.
  4. Select the sub-topic that you would like to re-order.
  5. Use the 4 way arrow next to the title of the content you want to move to drag it to a new position. If you do not see the 4 way arrow, select Hide row weights option.