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How parents and carers can support their children to use Welsh while schools are closed.

First published:
4 May 2020
Last updated:

In our policy statement, Stay Safe. Stay Learning, we commit to ensuring that Welsh-medium, English-medium and bilingual schools, settings and learners have the same entitlement to support. We also outline our intention to focus particular attention on learners in Welsh-medium schools or settings who live in households where Welsh is not spoken and find ways to maintain their exposure to the language. 

How can I support my children if I don’t speak Welsh?

Our key message is don't worry if you can't speak Welsh with your children – there is a lot you can do to help your children speak and use the language. We want to ensure that all learners, regardless of the medium of their education, can continue to develop and use the language.

On this page you will find some useful tips and links for further support and information.

Schools and settings will remain your first point of contact when it comes to your children’s continued learning. They should be able to support you or advise you on the best way to support your children to maintain their Welsh language skills.

Simple steps to follow

If you can encourage your children to use Welsh when speaking to friends, brothers or sisters or other family members who can speak Welsh, then it will help them maintain their skills. Of course, you will need to make sure your children do this within the guidelines for social distancing, but there are ways to do this over the phone or digitally.

You can also help your children by encouraging them to engage in activities available through various media, e.g. listening to Welsh-language music, downloading Welsh-language apps, watching Welsh-language television programmes, using social media, e.g. Facebook and Twitter in Welsh. The important thing is that your children have contact with the language as often as possible.

You can find further information and links to organisations providing activities for children and young people in Welsh on Hwb.