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Support for staff who look after children in a nursery, crèche or out of school club and what to do if you are put on ‘furlough’.

First published:
23 April 2020
Last updated:

If you work in a nursery, crèche or are a childminders assistant and cannot work because of coronavirus, you could get support from 1 or more schemes.

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

If you cannot work because of coronavirus, your employer may be able to get support to keep you on their payroll. This is known as ‘furlough’.

Check if your employer can use the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme on GOV.UK.

Can furloughed staff volunteer in other childcare services

If you have been ‘furloughed’, you can do volunteer work. You must not provide a service or generate revenue for, or on behalf of the setting or organisation, or a linked or associated organisation. Your employer may find you new work or volunteering opportunities whilst on furlough. You must follow the public health guidance.

Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

If you have a disability or health condition that affects how much you can work, you can claim an allowance. Information on ESA including how to make a claim is on GOV.UK.

Statutory Sick Pay

If you cannot work because you are ill, you could get Statutory Sick Pay. Get information about Statutory Sick Pay, including eligibility and how to claim on GOV.UK.

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