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A person can leave a Local Health Protection Area to access education and public services that are not available locally.

It is reasonable for a student to enter or leave a Local Health Protection Area to attend tutorials and for study. Therefore it would also seem reasonable for a student to cross the border to take part in other university organised activities and use university facilities located in the same place where they are accessing their education. We have considered that doing so would not create an additional risk to public health, given that it would involve minimal (if any) additional contact with the general public.

Given that students are crossing the local authority boundary to access educational services at university facilities, we would consider that students accessing other university facilities or services at the same location is a reasonable excuse for the purposes of entering and leaving a Local Health Protection Area, provided that students cannot reasonably access equivalent university facilities or services locally.

However, travel across the local authority boundary for socialising is not to be considered a reasonable excuse, and is therefore not allowed, both in respect of students and all other citizens.

General rules restricting both the nature and size of indoor gatherings and gatherings between households still apply, both in Local Health Protection Areas and elsewhere in Wales.

Any student with potential COVID-19 symptoms, or who has tested positive, or is advised by TTP, should be self-isolating and not travelling at all.

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