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Workplace employment by industry

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  • Release date: 29 November 2017
  • Period covered: 2001 to 2016
An annual report in which analyses presented cover the aggregate of employees, the self employed and government supported trainees at a broad industrial level, with estimates also presented at sub-Wales levels.

This report is based on statistics from three different sources that are already in the public domain, and provides estimates of workplace employment (or total jobs) in Wales. By also including detail over time, the report increases the information publicly available on jobs in Wales.

Key points

Using workplace employment as a measure to compare the industrial structure of Wales with that of the UK shows:

  • employment in Wales was proportionately higher in the agriculture, forestry & fishing sector; public administration, defence, education & health sector (which is not the same as the public sector); and the production sector;
  • the proportion of employment was equal in the other industries sector;
  • employment in Wales was a lower proportion in the wholesale, retail, transport, hotels & food sector and the finance & business activities sector.

Comparing workplace employment in Wales in 2016 with earlier years:

  • in 2016 workplace employment in Wales was 1.404 million. This is the highest level since the series began;
  • between 2015 and 2016 total workplace employment in Wales increased by 1 thousand, percentage unchanged. The corresponding UK figure increased by 1 per cent.

There was substantial variation between industries at the local authority level in Wales, for example:

  • in the production sector, employment varied from 4 per cent in Conwy to 25 per cent in Flintshire;
  • in the finance & business activities sector, employment varied from 10 per cent in Ceredigion to 29 per cent in Cardiff.


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