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Welsh language transmission and use in families

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  • Release date: 12 June 2017
This report presents the findings of a research study into patterns of intergenerational language transmission and language use among families with children aged 0 to 4 years old.  

The project aimed to examine how parents use Welsh with their children and how the use of Welsh in the home is influenced by various factors. Specifically, the project aimed to answer the following research questions:

  • What are the conditions that facilitate Welsh language transmission within families, and the conditions that make Welsh language transmission less likely?
  • What are the conditions that influence patterns of Welsh language use within families with children in the 0-4 age group?

The research report includes:

  • a thorough literature review of work on intergenerational language transmission internationally and previous research on the intergenerational transmission of Welsh
  • a statistical analysis of data relevant to the transmission of Welsh from the National Census (2011)
  • a mixed-method (quantitative and qualitative) analysis of original data collected from 60 families through written questionnaires and semi-structured interviews
  • a thorough discussion of quantitative and qualitative findings and recommendations for further research and for policy for Welsh Government and partners.


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