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Welsh Housing Conditions Survey

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Survey content, 2017-18

The purpose of the survey is to provide an estimate of the condition and energy efficiency/performance of the housing stock in Wales. The survey covers all types of housing and all tenures; but not vacant properties.

The 2017-18 survey was very much a standard in terms of housing conditions surveys and is very similar to those carried out in other nations. As well as the usual topics we looked for things that may become an issue in the future. For example climate change (hotter summers, wetter winters etc.) and the housing stock’s ability to cope.

Fieldwork for the WHCS 2017-18 ran from August 2017 until the end of April 2018. A sample of addresses was drawn from eligible households taking part in the National Survey for Wales 2017-18. This resulted in physical inspections of 2,549 properties across Wales, which enables National level estimates.

The property inspections were carried out by qualified surveyors, employed by the Building Research Establishment. They performed a visual assessment of the interior and exterior of the property. The surveyor also inspected the plot of the property and made an assessment of the local neighbourhood.

Key information gathered in the Survey allows measurement of:


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