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Social Research

Welsh for Adults teaching and learning

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  • Release date: 24 April 2013
This research was commissioned to give informed consideration to how teaching and learning in Welsh for Adults might be improved.

In 2010, the Welsh Government contracted Cardiff University to undertake research into improving the way in which the Welsh language is transferred to adults, to inform the future development of the Welsh for Adults curriculum and teaching methodologies.

The research was undertaken in three phases between May 2010 and June 2012.

  • Phase 1: literature review of international research on second language acquisition.
  • Phase 2: evaluation of Welsh for Adults teaching materials in light of the current research.
  • Phase 3: fieldwork with Welsh for Adults tutors, course authors, learners, providers and stakeholders.

The final report includes a series of recommendations with regard to the Welsh for Adults curriculum; tutor training; teaching and learning materials; and further research, and will feed into the wider review of Welsh for Adults which is due to report to the Minister for Education and Skills in July 2013.

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