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Social Research

The Childcare Offer for Wales

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  • Release date: 28 September 2017
The purpose of the research was to better understand parents’ and guardians’ experiences of their current childcare arrangements. And also their knowledge, attitudes and perceptions of the Welsh Government’s proposed childcare offer for Wales.

The aims of the research were therefore to:

  • better understand parents’ current childcare arrangements and, particularly, any challenges those current arrangements present to parents and children
  • gauge parents’ understanding of early education and the distinction between this and ‘formal’ childcare
  • assess the proposed extension of the childcare offer in respect of: the most desirable method of delivery; anticipated mode of take-up; and the potential and desirability of increasing employment hours as a result of take-up
  • use the findings of the research to make recommendations to inform policy development and delivery of the additional childcare offer.


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