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Survey of Dementia Awareness

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  • Release date: 16 August 2017
A communications campaign was undertaken by Welsh Government in order to help inform the public and raise awareness that you can reduce your risk of dementia.

In order to monitor the effectiveness of the campaign and inform its development information is required on public awareness and understanding of dementia.

Key findings

  • In wave 1 almost six out of ten (57 per cent) believed that a person can take action to reduce their risk of dementia. This reduced to just over half (51 per cent) in wave 2. 
  • The most common responses included keeping your mind and brain active (W1, 53 per cent; W2, 47 per cent), having a healthy diet (W1, 23 per cent; W2, 24 per cent) and keeping physically active (W1, 20 per cent; W2, 22 per cent).
  • Respondents were asked ‘Are you aware of any dementia related public health campaigns?’ In wave 1, 34 per cent said that they were aware of dementia related public health campaigns. In wave 2, this decreased to 29 per cent.
  • In Wave 1, 15 per cent said that they had seen or heard about the Dementia: Act now to reduce your risk campaign. This compares to 16 per cent in wave 2.


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