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Schools learner voice survey

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  • Release date: 10 December 2009
  • Period covered: 2008
During the inception phase of the programme, many policy leads emphasised the need to take into account the views of learners as part of assessments of school improvement and effectiveness.

The aims of this survey were to:

  • provide updated learner satisfaction and related measures for students in school sixth forms (Years 12 and 13)
  • set a baseline measurement for learner satisfaction and related topics for Year 10 and 11 students, with particular reference to
    the 14-19 Learning Pathways agenda.

Separate paper self-completion questionnaires were administered to students from Years 10 and 11, and from Years 12 and 13.  The broad topic areas covered in both questionnaires were: choice; quality of teaching; learning pathways; satisfaction with teaching and satisfaction with the learning experience.

Responses were received from 2,018 students from Years 10 and 11, and 1,783 students from Years 12 and 13.

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