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Review of Working Together to Reduce Harm: The Substance Misuse Strategy, 2008-2018

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  • Release date: 19 April 2018
The Strategy aimed to set out a clear national agenda for how the Welsh Government and its partners could tackle and reduce the harms associated with substance misuse.

It identified four significant areas of activity which were perceived as being able to impact on these consequences:

  • preventing harm
  • support for substance misusers – to improve their health and aid and maintain recovery
  • supporting and protecting families
  • tackling availability and protecting individuals and communities via enforcement activity.

An additional fifth strand was included within the Strategy which focused on delivering the Strategy and supporting partner agencies (through increasingly developed and robust partnership arrangements).

The overarching aim of the review was to assess the extent to which the observed outcomes are attributable to the actions developed and implemented because of the Strategy.


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