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Review of the Welsh Language Support Service for Schools

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  • Release date: 1 July 2011
A review of the funding, organisation and range of work undertaken by the service.

The review had two main aims:

  • To investigate the funding, organisation and range of work undertaken by the Athrawon Bro service: and
  • To review the training delivered by the Athrawon Bro service and where applicable provide recommendations on how to improve training.

The review’s findings include:

  • The vast majority of the Athrawon Bro workforce are women and the age profile of the workforce is skewed towards the over 40s.
  • The service which Athrawon Bro deliver varies significantly across Wales reflecting the relative strength of the welsh language in different parts of Wales.
  • The largest portion of Athrawon Bro time is spent in non Welsh-medium primary schools providing on-the-job training and support to practitioners.
  • Athrawon Bro teams have invested a significant amount of time developing teaching, learning and assessment resources.

Based on the evidence the review makes recommendations for the Welsh Government, Local Authorities and the Welsh Joint education Committee.

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