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Review of the implementation of the Child Practice Review Framework

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  • Release date: 13 August 2015
This review assesses the extent to which the intended improvements on the previous system of completing Serious Case Reviews can be seen two years after the implementation of Child Practice Reviews.

When proposals to replace the Serious Case Review process were set out to the National Assembly for Wales a commitment was given by the then Deputy Minister to review the new arrangements within two years of implementation. The requirement for Child Practice Reviews (CPR) became statutory in January 2013.  

This review of the implementation of the CPR Framework draws on various sources of evidence:

  • Welsh Government monitoring data
  • notifications to the Welsh Government of the intention to undertake a CPR or Multi-Agency Professional Forum
  • the 10 published CPRs to date
  • interviews with a range of stakeholders.

The findings are organised under five themes that emerged from the review:

  • awareness of CPRs
  • decisions about proceeding to a CPR
  • time and resources required to undertake a CPR
  • level of involvement of different stakeholders
  • effectiveness of dissemination.

The review concludes with a series of recommendations for future practice.


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