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Research into the effectiveness of the Anti Slavery Approach in Wales

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  • Release date: 25 July 2016
Evaluation of two key anti-slavery work streams in Wales: anti-slavery training and the survivor care pathway (SCP).

Objectives of the evaluation

The objectives of this research are to:

  • assess the implementation of the anti-slavery training and the survivor care pathway
  • evaluate to what extent their implementation contributes to the Welsh Government aim to make Wales hostile to slavery and provide the best possible support to survivors
  • identify how they might be strengthened or changed in the future to maximise their effectiveness.
The evaluation explores the process of developing and implementing the training and survivor care pathway. It seeks to offer a comparison between the current and previous arrangements for training and support for survivors. Where possible, it also explores the impact of the two strands of anti-slavery work

Summary of findings

The evaluation found evidence of a range of high-quality work being undertaken in relation to anti-slavery training and the SCP. Many stakeholders reported their understanding that Wales is leading the UK in its response to modern slavery and that this is recognised by those working outside of Wales. They also stated that much of the work being done in Wales represents an attempt to develop good practice where guidance and precedents do not exist.


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