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Priority sector statistics

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  • Release date: 12 September 2018
  • Period covered: 2017
An annual report which includes data on Gross Value Added (GVA), employee jobs, hourly earnings by gender, employment by qualification level and some local authority estimates.

Key points

  • Just over two thirds of VAT or PAYE registered enterprises were in a priority sector in 2017.
  • The priority sectors accounted for 45 per cent of employment in Wales in 2017. 
  • In 2016, the rate of new businesses for the priority sectors was above that of the non-priority sectors (12.4 per cent vs. 10.7 per cent).
  • Full-time average (median) gross weekly earnings for employees in the priority sectors were slightly higher than those in non-priority sectors in 2017 (£501.60 vs. £495.20).

Revision note

The report and tables were updated on 12 September 2018 to include new data for Gross Value Added (GVA) from the Annual Business Survey.


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