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Population projections for National Parks

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  • Release date: 26 July 2017
  • Period covered: 2014-based
The report analyses the results from the 2014-based population projections for the three National Parks in Wales: the Brecon Beacons, the Pembrokeshire Coast, and Snowdonia.

It is estimated that the population of Pembrokeshire Coast and Snowdonia national parks will decrease and Brecon Beacons national park will increase between 2014 and 2029 (the 2013 based projections estimated population decreases).

The number of people under the age of 74 is projected to decrease between 2014 and 2029. Over the same period the number of people aged 74 or over is projected to increase.

Key points

It is estimated that:

  • the number of deaths in each of the three national parks in Wales is estimated to be more than the number of births
  • more people are expected to move to the Brecon Beacons than leave the area; for the Pembrokeshire Coast and Snowdonia more people are expected to leave the area than move in.

Between 2014 and 2029:

  • the total population living in a National Park in Wales (81,800 in 2014) is estimated to decrease by 4.9 per cent to 77,900
  • the Brecon Beacons population (33,600 in 2014) is estimated to increase by 1.9 per cent
  • the Pembrokeshire Coast population (22,700 in 2014) is estimated to fall by 14.1 per cent
  • the Snowdonia population (25,500 in 2014) is estimated to fall by 6.6 per cent.


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