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Population of 0-19 year olds in Wales

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  • Release date: 4 December 2008
  • Period covered: 1991-2031
A report analysing population estimates and projections for those aged 19 and under.

Statistics on the Population of 0-19 year olds include data for the UK, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

It analyses population trends from 1991 to 2007 and the projected population of 0-19 year olds from 2008 until 2031.

Key points

  • The population of 0-19 year olds in Wales has been decreasing since around 1999; it is projected that this population will continue to decrease until 2014 when it will reach its lowest level; the population will then increase until 2026, before declining gradually from here on.
  • There has been an increase in the number of 0-4 year olds in recent years which will gradually lead to an increase in primary school age children and then secondary school age children.
  • The effects of the recent increase in the number of births will be carried through over the projection period, leading to increases in the numbers of children in each age group.
  • Trends for each age group are similar within most local authorities in Wales, although turning points occur at different years.

Revision note

The 2002-2008 mid year estimates were revised in May 2010 as part of ONS’ programme on improving population and migration estimates (IMPS).

This output is based on the unrevised population and migration data and therefore should be treated with caution.


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