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Older drivers and road accidents

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  • Release date: 3 July 2012
  • Period covered: 2011
An annual report which presents data by type of accident, manoeuvre, vehicle type, gender and age.

Key points

  • Around 1 in 10 accidents involve a driver aged 70 or older.
  • Around 1 in 10 road accident casualties occurs in accidents where at least one driver is aged 70 or older.
  • Around one in 20 drivers involved in road accidents in Wales are aged 70 or older.
  • 617 drivers aged 70 or over were involved in 595 road accidents in 2011.
  • 14 of these drivers were involved in fatal accidents, 112 in serious accidents and 491 in slight accidents.
  • 6 per cent of the drivers (of known age) involved in all motorised vehicle accidents.


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