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Social Research

National Survey for Wales

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Methodological research

We carry out a range of other development work to ensure the survey and our analysis of the results is efficient and effective, taking advantage of the latest technical developments.

Identifying potential discontinuities in the new National Survey for Wales

This report looks at whether the new National Survey provides different results from the five surveys it replaces, and what this means for understanding trends over time.

Generating aggregate statistics from National Survey for Wales data

This looks at the issues faced when increasing survey sample sizes by grouping two or more years of data together. (This is the approach being taken with the National Survey in order to carry out detailed analysis at local authority level).

The National Survey for Wales: A question comparability study

This investigates when it is appropriate to compare results from questions in the National Survey with similar questions in other surveys.

Mixing Modes within a Social Survey: Opportunities and constraints for the National Survey for Wales

The focus of this report is on how alternative modes of data collection can replace or be combined with face-to-face interviews to reduce costs while still providing robust results.

Non-response research

The Welsh Government commissioned research to investigate whether interviewer observation variables could increase the accuracy of National Survey for Wales estimates through non-response weighting.

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