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National Survey for Wales

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Design and methodology

The National Survey for Wales involves 45 minute face-to-face interviews with a randomly-selected sample of people aged 16 and over across Wales, and it runs all year round.

Each year, a sample of addresses is selected at random from the Royal Mail’s list of addresses. Survey interviews then take place face-to-face with one randomly-selected adult in each selected household. No replacement of addresses or individuals is allowed.

The achieved sample size is around 12,000 addresses each year. The sample in each local authority is broadly in proportion to local authority population size, with a minimum effective sample size of 250 in the smaller authorities and an effective sample size of 750 in Powys.

The results are weighted to be representative of the adult population in Wales.

Fieldwork for the National Survey for Wales is carried out by the Office for National Statistics.

The survey follows a broadly similar approach to the 2012-15 National Survey

Further technical information on the 2012-15 National Survey can be found in the technical reports under 'More in this section/Technical information'.

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