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National reading and numeracy test results

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  • Release date: 22 August 2018
  • Period covered: 2018
An annual report which includes data on age standardised scores by gender.
This report provides information on pupils in National Curriculum Year 2 to 9 at Wales level. It presents analysis of the age-standardised scores achieved in the English and Welsh versions of the National Reading and Numeracy Tests, by gender.

Changes to the publication of these statistics below national level

Following consultation on publication of teacher assessment data and National Reading and Numeracy Test data, this report will no longer publish data at a local authority level.

Key points

Gender difference in mean age-standardised score

The difference in the mean age-standardised score for boys and girls shows that:

  • girls out performed boys in the reading tests in all national curriculum year groups
  • boys out performed girls in the numeracy tests in most national curriculum year groups. The exceptions were the Year 8 procedural test and the Year 3 and Year 7 reasoning tests.


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