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Modern Apprenticeship Clearing House Think Piece

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  • Release date: 23 July 2007
A study to determine whether there need to develop a model which could provide the basis for an Apprenticeship clearing house service.

This report presents the findings from a study commissioned to identify and examine examples of good practice, both in the UK and other countries and consult with a series of key stakeholders in Wales to seek views on whether an Apprenticeship clearing house would be of benefit to potential apprentices and employers.

Download: Executive Summary [.pdf 211KB]
Download: Final Report Volume 1 [.pdf 606KB]
Download: Final Report model walk through 2.1 [.pdf 337KB]
Download: Final Report Diagrammatic 2.2 [.pdf 325KB]
Download: Final Report security 2.3 [.pdf 169KB]
Download: Final Report statistical 2.4 [.pdf 192KB]

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