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Local authority education expenditure: Wales and England comparison

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  • Release date: 26 January 2011
  • Period covered: 2009-10
A report which includes information per pupil, by local authority and region.

Key points

  • Average spend per pupil on local authority education in Wales in 2009-10 was £5,595.  This compares to £6,200 in England (£6,007 excluding London).
  • Wales spends £604 per pupil less than England (£412 excluding London).
  • Spend per head of population in Wales in 2009-10 was £850.  The spend per head for England was £858 (£836 excluding London).
  • 2009-10 pupil numbers fell by 0.8% for Wales and 1.0% for England compared with the previous year.


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