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Independent evaluation of Wales Council for Voluntary Action's 'Making the Connections' project

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  • Release date: 11 June 2015
The project aims to build the long-term capacity of the third sector to contribute to the process of public service reform. In particular to the implementation of the Single Integrated Plan developed for each local authority area.

Summative evaluation

This final evaluation report is the culmination of the evaluation and builds on a baseline and initial process evaluation published in early 2014  and a formative evaluation published in October 2014.

Key findings

'Making the Connections' officers, in most cases, added much needed extra capacity to County Voluntary Council's and found constructive ways of supporting local third sector organisations. As such, the Project’s output targets have mostly been met. The project as a whole, however, has not realised the outcomes which it hoped to achieve.

In large part this is as a result of the context in which the project has operated, but while external factors may account for many of the difficulties faced by the 'Making the Connections' project, internal factors may have played a part.


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