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Housing hazards and licences

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  • Release date: 18 December 2018
  • Period covered: 2017-18
An annual report which includes information on houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) and on the condition of residential properties assessed by local authorities under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS).

The report also includes comparisons with figures for previous periods.

Key points

  • During 2017-18, local authorities carried out 6,282 (a) assessments under the HHSRS, an increase of 3 per cent on the previous year.
  • Over two thirds (70 per cent) of all assessments made during 2017-18 recorded no Category 1 hazards.
  • During 2017-18, Category 1 hazards were found in 1,860 (30 per cent) of all assessments made. The most common Category 1 hazard found in both HMOs and non-HMO dwellings continued to be ‘Excess Cold’.
  • Action by local authorities, during 2017-18, resulted in 1,224 Category 1 hazards being resolved, of which 881 (72 per cent) were in non-HMO dwellings and 343 (28 per cent) were in HMO.
  • At 31 March 2018, local authorities estimated there were approximately 19,250 HMOs in total in Wales, and of these 77 per cent (14,880) were known to local authorities compared with 81 per cent the previous year.
  • The overall number of licensed HMOs across Wales has increased steadily over recent years with 8,870 licensed HMOs reported at 31 March 2018.


(a) Includes estimated figures for Cardiff ,as the authority was unable to provide data on assessments containing category 1 and 2 hazards during the year.


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