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Household projections

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Technical reports

There are many similarities between the projections, but also some subtle differences between methods.

Technical report on the local authority and National Parks population and household projections for Wales

Describes how Sub-National Population Projections were produced, and describes in detail the methodology used to derive assumptions on fertility, mortality and migration.

2011-based projections

A detailed description of how these household projections were produced, the approach taken and the methods used to produce them. The approach used to develop the 2011-based projections is similar to that used in 2006-based and 2008-based.

Household projections across the United Kingdom

The main use of these household projections is as part of the assessment of future housing need and demand. Local authorities use the household projections in assessing future need and demand, service provision and to provide context for planning decisions. This report explains how these are compared with other countries of the UK.

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