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Health and well-being measures for children

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  • Release date: 28 March 2017
This bulletin covers the two health and well-being measures for children for the National Indicators.

These include:

  • The percentage of children who have fewer than two healthy lifestyles behaviours (not smoking, eat five fruit/ vegetables daily, never/rarely drink and meet the physical activity guidelines) taken from the Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children (HBSC) survey
  • The mean mental well-being score for children taken from the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) (information from the Understanding Society survey).

Key Points

  • In 2013/14 12 per cent of pupils in year group 7-11 reported fewer than two healthy lifestyle behaviours. This includes 10 per cent who followed one healthy lifestyle behaviour and 2 per cent who followed none. 
  • The most common number of healthy behaviours was two with 46 per cent of pupils reporting two healthy lifestyle behaviours. 
  • 7 per cent reported all four healthy lifestyle behaviours.
  • The mean SDQ score for Wales was 10.9 in 2013/14. This sits within the ‘average or normal’ total difficulties score. There has been little change since 2009/10
  • The Wales total difficulties score was not significantly different from the UK average. 


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