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Health screening services

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  • Release date: 24 September 2014
Screening is a process of identifying apparently healthy people who may be at increased risk of a disease or condition.

They can then be offered information, further tests and appropriate treatment to reduce their risk and/or any complications arising from the disease or condition.

Screening Division of Public Health Wales manages the six population based national screening programmes in Wales and publish data on the following:

  • Breast Test Wales
  • Cervical Screening Wales
  • Bowel Screening Wales
  • Newborn Bloodspot Screening Wales
  • Newborn Hearing Screening Wales
  • Wales Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening Programme.

The Division also hosts the Antenatal Screening Clinical Network (Antenatal Screening Wales).


Tel: 0300 025 5033

Tel: 0300 025 8099


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