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Grant Recipients Survey

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  • Release date: 14 November 2018
  • Period covered: 2018
The Welsh Government Grants Centre of Excellence commissioned an online survey with a sample of current grant recipients.  

There were 348 responses (an 18% response rate) from recipients across the public, private and third sectors.

Key findings

  • Respondents were generally satisfied with the various aspects of the Welsh Government grants process.
  • The highest satisfaction was with the process for making claims and payments (80%). The lowest satisfaction was with the application and decision process (67%).
  • Third sector respondents were most satisfied, with higher than average ‘overall satisfaction’ scores. Public and private sector respondents were typically less satisfied.
  • Scores around the consistency of the grants process varied. The highest level of consistency was with the advice they receive from Welsh Government officials (73% always or sometimes consistent) and lowest level was with the monitoring processes (56% always or sometimes consistent).
  • Most respondents (78%) provided duplicate information for grant applications, but they did not find this too onerous.
  • A number of suggestions are included around using online platforms for grant applications and monitoring. Respondents were in support of introducing such changes for Welsh Government grants.


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