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Further education, work-based learning and community learning statistics

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  • Release date: 24 May 2017
  • Period covered: 2015/16
Data which presents information on enrolled learners and their activities.

The main purpose of the data is to provide an annual picture of learning which was undertaken in the post-16 learning sector.

This data is published on StatsWales annually and consists of a number of interactive reports and workbooks. The data replaces a series of volumes providing statistics about the post-16 learning sector (excluding sixth forms and excluding Higher Education institutions apart from in a few specific tables), which can be found under the past releases tab.

This data complements previously issued statistical reports on the post-16 learning sector and summary data available via the StatsWales website (Further Education and work-based learning) but include information not available from those sources.

Please note

As previously announced, we have considered  the format and timetable for publication of outputs from the Further education, Work-based learning and community learning statistics series. Following consultation we have decided to bring forward the publication of the statistical release (previously April following the academic year) and StatsWales data (May) and to publish both in February. This brings the timetable in line with that to be used for Learner Outcomes data.

As a result of the full final data being available earlier in the year, we will now cease publication of the provisional data which previously took place in November.


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